NJ Pool Builder Questions and Answers About Pool and Spa Design and Installation

The choice to include an inground pool and spa on your property is a big decsion and should be carefully thought out before making a commitment to a NJ Pool Builder. We have listed a handful of common questions we typically receive from prospective clients when first investigating the pool building process.  We know it can be overwhelming to get educated, select a NJ pool builder, and know what questions to ask about custom inground pools and spas. We believe the most important factor to be a succesful pool builder is to listen to our clients needs and priorities.  You will be living on your property for years and possibly decades, therefore, having peace of mind with chosen your pool builder should be the most important decision. If your question is not listed here, do not hesitate to call or send a note – we will answer your questions promptly.

Why should I do business with you?

How many times have you heard people complain about their construction? We want to make the process as easy and rewarding as it should be for you. We know you are busy and want to take the headaches out of your hands. Because I personally supervise every Pools by Design pool from inception to completion, I make sure that troubles are taken care of before they become problems, and that the process is as smooth as possible.

How often will I see you during construction to make sure I’m getting what you sold me?

Most swimming pool company salespeople are only interested in “selling you” a pool. Once you sign the contract, they move onto the next sales lead and you never see them again. Because I am the owner of Pools by Design you will meet with me and see me through every step of the process. To continue our  relationships with our customers we also provide swimming pool and spa maintenance (see our Services) to ensure that your pool stays in optimum health all season and in the years ahead.

Is the price you quoted me final, or are there potential add-ons or hidden costs that you are not telling me about right now?

We provide you with the final cost to the best of our ability. We will tell you in advance if air conditioning units need to be moved or landscaping needs to be removed. Also, utilities need to be located before you sign the contract, because there is always a possibility that they will have to be moved too, which adds to the cost. The only add-ons would be items you choose. Occasionally there are unforeseen events such as broken sprinkler lines or more time to dig if there is rock underneath. These are the types of things that cannot be foreseen, but we do our best to anticipate all costs up front.

How well do you know the people who will be working on my pool?

Many pool companies sub out their work or hire extra hands depending upon the job.  All of the people who work on a Pools by Design job are our employees so we have a relationship with them and can vouch for them. On some occasions, such as fencing and new landscaping we do subcontract specialists , but we work closely with the same teams on many jobs so, we also know them well. This is important when people are working around your home as well.

Will you provide me with the names and numbers of your customers as references?

A company can be in business for 100 years, but they are only as good as their last satisfied customer.  I will provide you with the names and numbers of our most recent installations so that you can hear for yourself that those customers are happy and we deliver on what we promise.

Are you locked in with one equipment supplier?

Many pool companies cut deals with suppliers and get a “kickback” for selling one brand of equipment, thus forcing the salesperson to sell only that  brand, even if it is not the most energy efficient or best choice for that particular pool. We offer a variety of companies to choose from (see Equipment) so that we can match the best equipment to each job.

During construction, who is responsible for removing excess debris and cleaning up my yard?

Many companies have no policies regarding the tidiness or cleanliness of your yard or your neighbors’, and construction can get messy.  We hand out a  notice stating “Excuse our Dust” with a telephone number to call if there is a problem. At the end of the construction we professionally clean the pool and  the yard prior to the finish plaster.

Where can I see pool and spa projects you have done in NJ?

One way to see projects already in process is to visit our Facebook page where I post photos of pool installations in northern NJ.  Also, I will personally take you to visit projects during our consultation.